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Chain Link Fence

The most simple and affordable of the common fence types is chain link fence. It consists of linked together galvanized metal wire attached to a hollow galvanized metal frame. It is not designed for privacy, although slats can be inserted between the wire links to achieve a minimal amount of privacy. Chain link fence also comes vinyl coated in two common colors; black and forest green, although vinyl coated chain link fence is a bit more costly. Master Halco and Merchant Metals are the most commonly used manufacturers of chain link fence.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence
Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence
Chain Link Fence Black Vinyl

Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing comes in the standard galvanized (silver colored) fence, and vinyl coated black and forest green chain link fence.

*The popularity of chain link fence is due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation. A further advantage is that due to its open weave, chain link fences are transparent and do not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence. Chain link fencing is great for yard containment.

Forest Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Green Vinyl Chain Link Fence Gates
Green Vinyl ChainLink Fence
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