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Aluminum Fence

Decorative aluminum fences are made using cutting edge technology and powder coating, and has made wrought iron fence practically obsolete. 

Aluminum fence comes in three basic colors: black, bronze and white. The only drawback to aluminum fence is that it is not intended for privacy, only enclosure. The most popular type of ornamental aluminum fence is the black Long Islander, otherwise known as three rail flat top aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fence
Long Islander Style Aluminum Fence
Modified Long Islander Black

Long Islander Ornamental Aluminum Fence

This style of aluminum fence is also known as three rail flat top aluminum fence. This aluminum style is our most popular ornamental aluminum fence.

Modified Long Islander Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Modified Long Islander aluminum fence has the same top style as the regular Long Islander fence style but the bottom has been modified to display the aluminum rail close to the ground. The only limitation to this style is that it is only manufactured in a 54 inch height (4 and a half feet).

Alamo Aluminum Fence Black
Maine Aluminum Fence

Alamo Ornamental Aluminum Fence


The Alamo aluminum fence is designed with a top and bottom rail with clean picket lines for the most unobstructed view beyond the fence line. This style is usually preferred for pools and meets current standards for pool barriers.

Maine Ornamental Aluminum Fence Style


The Maine style aluminum fence, otherwise known as spear top aluminum fence, has the three rails as with the Long Islander fence, but with decorative spears at its top just above the top rail.

Floridian Aluminum Fence
Aluminum Fence with Ring Inserts

Floridian Aluminum Fence Style


The Floridian aluminum fence, otherwise know as flat top alternating spear aluminum fence. It is similar to the Maine fence style, but highlights a rail at its top with alternating spears just below its flat top rail.

Aluminum Fence with Ring Inserts


Another type of aluminum fence that is available is the Long Islander aluminum fence style with ring inserts between its top two rails. This style incorporates ring inserts offering a unique touch to ornamental aluminum fence.

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